Monday, October 26, 2015

Country Roads, Critters and a Confirmation

Hey there!

It's been another good week here in Roseburg. Not a whole lot has happened, but we did have a lot of cool experiences. 

We started off the week by biking out into the middle of the woods trying to find someone that missionaries had met in the past. You know you are out in the boonies when your asphalt road turns into gravel and then dirt. It's not fun to bike on that. We did end up finding the guy and he said he wanted to meet with us, which is awesome.

On a less fun note...every Wednesday we eat dinner with the same family. Now this family doesn't have the most desirable of living conditions. I'm talking an old shack with flies everywhere, random debris all around, vines growing thorough the walls and the whole shebang. This Wednesday was the worst so far when a few fun little mice started running all over my feet. Needless to say I'm not excited to go back.

On Friday we drove up to Eugene for a very nice Specialized Training. We learned how to feel the Spirit better, how to magnify our callings, and how we have to choose this day whom we will serve. It was a great reminder, and really put into perspective why we are out here and how important it is to remember who we represent. We read the First Presidency message from February 1977 titled Choose Ye This Day, which talked about how there can't be any fence sitting in the battle between good and evil; no neutral countries, no putting your hands up and walking away. We must choose who we're going to align our wills with, and we know which side is going to win, so why would we choose the losing side? We also went and got Chipotle afterward - which was sadly one of the best meals I've had while I've been out here.

To finish the week out, yesterday we had the confirmation for David. Elder Carter was the one to perform the ordinance and it was very special to see David become a full fledged member of the Church. He looked so excited and happy to be there, which really spoke to me telling me David knew that what he was doing was right. He's going to be such an awesome member. I'm so excited for him.

That's about all she wrote for this week. Tune in next time.

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Elder Jensen

Rainbow Family Bus

Inside the Van

Chicken with Sprinkles (yes, I'm an adult)

Big Hills

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