Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey there!

Before I get too crazy with the events of the week...we had transfer calls this weekend and both Elder Carter and I will be staying in Roseburg. Looks like I'm going to see this place around Halloween. I'm a little scared for that.

This week we were able to get in contact with several of our potential investigators so our teaching pool is going to be larger for this next transfer which is going to be nice.  We were also able to meet with Kyle again for the first time in like a month. He's not on date for baptism at the moment but we're hoping that he'll pop back up there soon.

Speaking of baptisms, David was baptized this week! It was an incredibly spiritual experience and I felt very honored and humbled that David wanted me to perform the baptism. Seeing his desire to come unto Christ and change from the person he was before has been one of the coolest experiences of my mission so far.

Great news! I finally finished the 12 week training program. I'm not a Greenie anymore! Wahoo!!!

I feel so official

Other fun happenings this week included going on exchanges to Sutherlin with Elder Flemming, making Raspberry-Banana-Kiwi (Rasbankwi) smoothies, investigating a fire while on exchanges with Elder Myers, and playing with cats.  Overall it was a pretty good week and I'm excited for the next few weeks to come here in good old Roseburg!

Me and my new friend Bernadette

On a sad note, my main man Elder Myers isn't going to spend his last transfer here in Roseburg. He's being shipped up to Veneta where he'll die off. I'm pretty bummed, but we're going to be successful businessmen after the mission so it'll all be ok.

Bye Myers

The Roseburg Ward 4

We're going to go get haircuts and groceries, and then do laundry later today. It costs $2 a load and I hate that. But, I'll wash stuff, I guess, if I have to.

Love to you all.
Elder Jensen

Elder Zilles (MTC Comp) is leaving me for the coast and I'm very upset about it 

Community support for Umpqua Community College 

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