Monday, September 7, 2015

Tacos, Transfers and Training

This week has been a fun and busy one for me. It was the last week before transfers so Elder Redding and I were trying to do as much as we could before we possibly got shipped off. We now have THREE investigators on date for baptism, which is awesome! One of them is named Kyle and he is the brother of a member of the ward. Kyle's brother is also a fairly new convert but has a great knowledge of the Gospel and has really helped when we've been teaching. The other investigator is named David. He recently married his less active girlfriend and knows baptism is what God wants from him. It's been really an amazing experience to see these individuals come closer to Christ with our help. We've also taught several lessons to other investigators, less actives and recent converts.

Good news! I got my first haircut out on the mission!!! I'm not gonna lie, I was absolutely terrified for what it was going to look like but I'm pretty happy with the results. Not amazing, but I don't look hideous either.

For our monthly Zone Training Meeting we threw an impromptu beach party. It was hilarious but also really spiritual. We talked about Christ coming onto the shore and saying that if we follow Him we'll be fishers of men.

We also made significantly poor dietary decisions this week. We knew that this might be our last time getting lunch with the four of us so we decided to go a little nuts; have a challenge of sorts. We went to Taco Bell and all ordered 5 ghost pepper loaded grillers. We ate them all. Every. Single. One. That's 20 between us. I have never felt so bad in my entire life. I weighed myself after and came in at 190! I was TICKED!! I'm back down to 183 now so I'm no toooooo worried, but still....

We also made friends with even more crazy homeless "prophets" which is always fun.

So now for the most fun and crazy news. We got the calls for transfers on Friday night. Elder Redding is going to be a district leader in Medford and I'm staying here in Roseburg. The catch though is that I'm going to be a TRAINER! A trainer at 6 weeks. I'm not even finished training yet. I'm really excited.  I go to Eugene on Wednesday to get my trainee. It feels like I was just there.

Well that's it for me. I'm in for a fun next few weeks.

Elder Jensen

Before the ghost pepper griller challenge 

The aftermath

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