Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Busy Week With a Trip to the Coast!


Well, this week was just a little rough. We were doing great with the work but then some of our contacts started to cancel on us. We also had another investigator on date for baptism and then yesterday he told us that he feels too pressured and wants to back it off. Plus, I've been worried about Coleman. I know these are just the stresses of missionary work so I'm not letting it get me down! Instead, I've been burying myself in the work. I stumbled across a talk from President Eyring called Mountains to Climb (April 2012) it's really good and gave me some comfort.  One section that I really liked says, "When hard trials come, the faith to endure them well will be there, built as you may now notice by may have not at the time that you acted on the pure love of Christ, serving and forgiving others as the Savior would have done. You built a foundation of faith from loving as the Savior loved and serving for Him. Your faith in Him led to acts of charity that will bring you hope." What a promise, huh? Hope from service in real and I have seen it.

On a less self-sorry note, we had a lot of other stuff going on this week and have been really busy. Some of the highlights included; doing a ton of service, going out and having steak for dinner one night, crashing a birthday party, finding a piano, and having a 'stop smoking' intervention. The very best thing was that we got to go on a hike out to the coast with our Zone. It was awesome!! The smell of the ocean brought me back to all the family road trips we took to the Oregon Coast. I loved it!! It's been one of my favorite thing we've done so far.

It's almost time for transfers so I might not be in Roseburg for much longer, which is kinda weird that it's already been six weeks. I hope that I stay because I still have so much to do! We'll see what happens. I'm excited regardless.

Elder Jensen

Hike to the Coast - South of Reedsport

The Ocean (and the water too - family joke)

The Zone

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