Monday, August 17, 2015

Service with a Smile

Hello from Roseburg, 

This week was actually rather slow, but we've been trying our best. Out of the nine scheduled appointments we had for the week, only two actually followed up. Everyone else either canceled, rescheduled, or just straight up didn't answer the door. Elder Redding likes to refer to these people as "Frosted Flakes". 

Even though we haven't been teaching a whole lot, we've still been rather busy. On Friday, I went on my first ever exchange to a little town called Sutherlin with our district leader Elder Scott. It was cool to be able to go into another area and talk with and teach the people here. On Saturday, we went down to the Medford LDS pear orchard and did some service. Besides the having to wake up at 3:30 am, driving two hours to Medford, and picking pears in the heat for six hours, it was still a really fun experience! It was awesome to know that the work we were doing was helping people in need around the world. 

We've also been making a lot of contact with new people, just not anything scheduled. It'll pick back up in a few days I'm sure.

I can share some thoughts and impressions that I've had this week. We've been able to teach a lot of small/young/growing families over the past few days and it's really grown my testimony of just how important family is. I've seen so many dysfunctional families while I've been out and I know just how vital families are to God's plan for us. 

Lead and Live by example. Don't ever be afraid to bear your testimony about things you know are right and things that you believe in.

Until next time,
Elder Jensen

A bunch of pear picking fools

A couple of the Elders doing a ceremonial one-year shirt burn

LIVE from P-Day!

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  1. My aunt & uncle are in Medford and have a pear orchard! It's Bud & Kay Flowers. I'll send them an email to watch for Chase!