Monday, May 1, 2017

Medford 13: Biking on the Sun

Hey there everyone!

This has been a good week. It's been getting hot over here in Oregon and we're feeling it. Walking and biking around in this weather has been quite the experience.

Speaking of, on Saturday (who needs chronological order anyway) we went biking eeeevvvveeerrryyywhere. Xavier, one of the people people that I was teaching in Springfield got baptized this weekend. In order to Skype in, we had to bike the whole six miles in the heat of the day through busy Medford traffic to the church so we could see it. It was quite the trip. We got a bit sunburned and Elder Green almost fell into a river. Good times.

We've been visiting Patrick and Southern a lot lately and they're doing really well. We've been reading from the Book of Mormon with them and they're coming out of their shell. We're hoping to get them comfortable enough to come to church. They're going to be a little bit of a project, but we're making lots of progress!

We also taught a few new people that we found and had a really good lesson with this lady named Cecilia. We taught her the Restoration for about 45 minutes and then she had a TON of questions for us afterwards. It was great. We feel like she could really make some progress.

Other than hifiving homeless guys, getting cussed out by a part member family, holding pigeons, and going on a hike in Ashland, not too much else has happened. We're just out and doing the work.

Have a great week everyone! Don't feed the wildlife.

Elder Jensen

Secret Passageways 

Don't worry, we looked out for trains

We found President Monson's pigeons


Take a hike!

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