Monday, May 1, 2017

Medford 12: Walk This Way

This week was pretty good. It was super long. Definitely one of the longest weeks ever. But it was still good!

We did a ton of walking. So much walking. My feet are super done and my brown shoes are super full of holes. Good thing I've only got a few weeks left! 😅 BUT everything's still good.

My new companion is named Elder Green from Dallas Texas. He's actually from the Ward that Hailee Hendricks is serving in right now. Funny how things work huh? He's a good guy and we're getting along pretty well.

Things are really really slow. All is well though. Honestly, there isn't too much to write about.

We had some good lessons with a few of our investigators. We sat down with Patrick and Southern and read from the Book of Mormon with them. The spirit was really there and we're going to be working with them a lot.

We also went out to lunch with Tom our less active friend! It was super sweet. He's such a good guy. We're going to hopefully start teaching his non member wife here soon.

That's really about it. Man, emailing is super hard. Sorry for being lame. I love you guys so much!

Have an awesome week!

Elder Jensen

A couple of Oregon sunsets this week....

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