Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Springfield Episode 18: Finale

Hey there everyone. It's Elder Jensen here in Oregon reporting live!

It's the last week of the seven-weeker transfer here in the mission. Things have been going really well in Springfield over the past few days. We've been working to get new people to teach and to keep our solid people solid.

Ken is still raring to go to get baptized, but his date is moving back a little. Everyone else is doing pretty great!

The last week was a blur. It feels like things are just getting faster and faster as time starts to wind down! Crazy stuff. I finally burned some pants to celebrate18 months, so that was swell.

The biggest news this week is transfers. We got a call while riding the bus that Elder Moser and Elder Gneiting are sticking together in Springfield and I'm heading down to Medford First Ward! (which is technically the city of Phoenix, Oregon but whatever) My new comapanero is named Elder Davis. I'm super excited for the next few weeks down here and all the fun to be had!

I'll have a better and more detailed email this next week I promise! Until then, be good y'all. Much love!

Tell your mom you love her,

Elder Jensen

P.S. My new mailing address is:

Elder Chase Jensen
186 South Church Street Apartment A
P.O. Box 141
Phoenix, Oregon 97535

Dont' freak out mom!
(mom kinda freaked out)

Three guys on a log

Typical Oregonian man on a bus 

Checking the water for dem gators

Mission Family Tree - Elder Jensen's Posterity
Jensen who begat Searcy and also begat Carter who begat Willits
Grandson Elder Willits, Son Elder Carter, Grandpa Elder Jensen, Son Elder Searcy

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