Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Medford 3

Hello Everyone!

Things are going well over here in the Medford Phoenix Metropolitan area. We've been working to increase our teaching pool and hopefully start working with a lot of our investigators. We're making a really big push as a Zone, and Mission wide, to help investigators move toward baptism so we're hoping to see results.

This week was super fun. We went on a two day exchange with the Zone Leaders and it was a blast! I love those guys so much and we were able to get a lot of work done whilst enjoying ourselves. We spent a lot of time trying to track the investigators to set up appointments. That wasn't really successful, so we're going to be focusing on that again this week.

We also had interviews with our Mission President on Thursday. They were so great, President Russell is a fantastic man. He really helped me through some of the concerns and thoughts I was having as my mission is starting to wrap up. I really felt the love and confirmation that what I'm doing is right and that everything is going to be ok! We also had some super sweet training on the Plan of Salvation and the tree of life, which was very insightful.

We had some great meetings with people this week. Our investigator Susie is pretty interested in what we have to say after we smoothed out some of the issues from past missionaries. The spirit was totally there and we feel she got a lot out of our meeting as we reestablished expectations.

We also had another lesson with Deva our less active friend. She's such a great lady, I love her! She was having a lot questions about her personal testimony and why she hasn't felt a huge "burning in the bosom" type experience. We talked and testified of the small and the simple things we can do to continue to build our testimonies. It was fantastic!

Other fun things from this week; I taught Elder Davis how to ride a bike, we had some Indian Food, and we accidentally walked all the way to the city south of us called Talent. It was adventurous. 

Thank you all for the support and the prayers! It really means so much I can't begin to tell you!

Have a great week!

Keep it real,

Elder Jensen

Medford 1st Ward Gang

Elder Davis: Balance Master

Rain biking builds character (I hope)

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