Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Medford 4

Hey there everyone!

This week was pretty grand. It was one of those weeks where it doesn't feel like a whole ton of things happened, but looking back there was. It also just fllllleeewwwww on by. The days are getting shorter and shorter and it's reminding me that I've only got so much time left. I'm really grateful to make the most of every day I have!

Some of the highlights of this week:

We did a lot of service for different people, both members and non-members. I'm always grateful for the opportunity to do service, even if it's just moving some boxes around or helping an older sister work her computer.

We were able to nab a new couch during one of the moves which was a huge blessing!

We did a lot of finding for people, but I guess that's not what was in store for us this week. We did teach a lot of lessons though. I can now say that I've met pretty much everyone that we've been working with regularly, so I'm all up to speed now.

We met with two really great investigators this week, Drake and Chris. Drake is an older father who's looking for a new church and really has enjoyed our message. He even came to church this week! 🎉 Unfortunately it was the most non-investigator friendly church service EVER.  It was Ward Conference, we sang "Oh my Father", had the most off the wall discussions in Gospel Principles, and had a member pray to Jesus.  Poor Drake!

Chris is also super sweet! He's a younger guy who knows SO much. He's one of the most interesting people that I've ever met in my life. He's super humble and really seeking for truth, and thinks he's on to something with the church. The guy has already read the entire Book of Mormon. He's super solid. We were able to give him a blessing due to some health problems he's been having, and he really appreciated it. I'm excited to keep working with him!

Other fun things included biking to diner in sub 40 degree temperatures, dealing with the crazy Oregon weather, nursing Elder Lambson back to health, and making outrageous amounts of pasta for six Elders. It was a blast!

That's it for this week. Thank you for all the prayers and support! Talk to you next time.

Something inspirational,

Elder Jensen


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