Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 11: Have Referral Will Travel

As of August 8th 2016, Elder Johnson and I have yet to accidentally set fire to the city of Philomath, so we've got that going for us.

It's been a pretty good week for us, lots of attempting to get things done with not a whole lot to show for it. The talking to everyone approach hasn't yielded us any new people to teach yet, but we're definitely still working on it. There were plenty of things this week that we did to help others out though, so that's good.

So a little while back, we helped some members of the ward move their pigs and sheep in preparation for the fair, and this week it was fair time. We channeled our inner farmhands and loaded them up to be shown. Things went a heck of a lot smoother this time considering we didnt have to freaking pick up any of the sheep this time!

A member of the ward gave us a referral to go out and contact this week. Turns out, he's the same guy that we split all that wood for a while back. The problem, however, was that the member couldn't remember what his address was; just the general direction of the house. So we being the courageous young exploratory types that we are, decided to head out anyway. We traveled like 10-15 miles down these barely paved roads in the middle of Nowhereville, USA trying to find this guy's house. Luckily, I remembered what the scene of the Great Wood Massacre of 2016 looked like, so we were able to find his house after long hours of searching. We run up his driveway, knock on his door, he answers and says..."Sorry guys, not interested." BUT we gave him our card so it wasn't a total waste.

We also had some pretty good lessons with our usual crew. We've been going back over the lessons with Mark and he seems to be taking it all in very nicely. We also went over and talked with Clifford several times this week and extended him the offer of a priesthood blessing. He said he'd have to pray about it to see if it was really for him, but he's open to it. We also had our ZTM on Friday. Lots of good things taught and principles learned.

Other than that, we kicked a soccer ball around with a less active kid, did magic tricks for toddlers during dinner, and went to the coast. All in all, not a terrible week. We'll see what the news regarding the transferring of missionaries around the good old south of Oregon here is later this week, so stay tuned for the next, and possibly final, week of Adventures in FLMTH!

I hope everyone has a great week. Love you all!

Stay Fresh, even unto Death,

Elder Jensen

Smiles quickly dashed by stubborn and moody ewes

King's Valley, Oregon: population prolly like 12 MAYBE a soft 13

Tumor Head and The Old Man, two of our favorite puppers 

Another day in paradise! (my feet were very cold)


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