Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 10: It's Hot, Miles Shot AKA Pizza Delivery Service

Friends, Mormons, Countrymen, Lend me your ears, (I think I may have used this intro before in the past. If so, carry on)

Lambor-feety Mercy, I'm super thirsty (get it, because it's been hot and we're on foot) ((I'm going to stop making jokes now))

So, it's been hot. Also, we've been walking around everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Because we are in an outlying area we have a car but we only get 900 miles for the month and that runs out pretty quick. I shouldn't be complaining though, there are missionaries other places who'd kill for a car. After this week, I feel your pain car-less friends, you're in my prayers. It's been a good thing to be out on our feet though. It gets us seen, which is something I'll get to later.

We've had another slow week out here in the good old FLMTH. Elder Johnson and I are still getting after it. We had a few good lessons with people this week, some not so good lessons with others, but lessons nonetheless. We've been focusing our efforts a lot on meeting some of the people that the ward needs help with (less actives, part members, stuff like that) which has been good. I've seen throughout my time here in Oregon that when members are involved in missionary work, blessings abound. Like, it's raining blessings when that happens. And with a great ward like the one we have, there's plenty of people giving us people to talk to. Hopefully it'll pay off here soon!

We had a specialized training in Eugene on Friday with the Corvallis, Eugene, Santa Clara, and Springfield zones. I got to see a bunch of friends from around the mission which is always a blessing. Those are the people that keep me sane out here. The things we learned about were also very helpful. We talked about Christ's atonement, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Spirt, and what it really means to be a successful missionary. It was very insightful and an overall good meeting.

Almost immediately after, this guy in a van painted with Danny Devito's face (cleverly called the Vanny Devito) cut into our lane and flipped us off. Go Oregon.

A better story for ya. So I mentioned walking around, well we were walking home from dinner, left over pizza in hand, when we ran into this guy. We talked about dogs of all things for a while and then casually shifted to the Book of Mormon. He didn't understand it super well, so we explained it to him. At this point, his dog starts losing his mind, so he says he needs to leave. Not on my watch Jeremiah. We asked if we could walk him home, to which he said sure. So, we're trotting down the streets of Philomath, Oregon in a train of 4 individuals; one dog, one man walking said dog, one missionary attempting to flip pages of the Book of Mormon, and one missionary holding a full box of Figaro's pizza. It was the funniest little parade you've ever seen. Long story short, Jeremiah said he'd read from the Book of Mormon and we could come back. Cool little blessing we saw there.

Other than that, we're just out in the field, hoping to harvest for our Master. It's been great to be able to serve the people of Oregon for the past year. I'm so grateful for the chance to be on a mission. I don't know where the heck I'd be without it.

I hope you all have a great week. Look Both ways before you cross the street!


Keep it CCC,
Elder Jensen

Helaman 5:12 

Attempting to make friends with the gift of pizza

Obligatory sidewalk graffiti squat pic

Pot pancakes. Desperation or ingenuity?
(Note, there is no actual pot in the pancake, merely pancake in the pot).

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