Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome Elder Cho

Hello everyone!

It's transfer week in the good old Oregon Eugene Mission and things got shaken up a bit in Grants Pass. But before we get to that, here's a rundown of the week.

With it being transfer week, the zone made a big push toward getting good work done. It kinda felt like everyone in the zone was getting sick of each other a little bit, but that just comes with being around people for a long period of time.

Even though this week hasn't been the busiest on my mission, there are still miracles around us every single day. I had the chance to go and visit a family where the mom is a member and only a few of her kids have been baptized. What made this instance so great though was that the mom, Brenda, doesn't speak English very well. We were talking to her about why she hadn't been coming to church and how she felt about it. She got really emotional and said that when she hadn't been coming to church she hadn't been feeling the Spirit. She also expressed that she knew the church was true and wanted that back in her life. We invited her to come to church the next day with all of her children. 

That was probably another one of the best parts about this week...the services on Sunday. We had the Grants Pass Stake Conference this weekend and the speakers were fantastic! One of the talks, given by the Stake President, really got me thinking. He focused on how keeping our covenants shouldn't be out of duty or obligation, but from an appreciation of the gifts that our Father in Heaven has given us. I really started to think about that in my commitment to my Father in Heaven as a missionary. The things we do as Latter Day Saints shouldn't be lost in tradition or habit, but done with an understanding of what it truly means to be a member of this church. It's nice to rethink and get a spiritual refresher out here for sure. And to make things better, Brenda brought her whole family to Stake Conference!

On to transfer stuff. Elder Black is gonzo and off to Medford. My new companion is named Elder Cho. He's from North Salt Lake but was born in South Korea. He's super cool and I'm really excited for this transfer. Some other familiar faces are back in the area which is fantastic. We've got Elder Watson and Elder Wells, who is probably going to finish his mission over here which is just dandy. There are some other great missionaries in the zone now and I'm excited for the week coming up.

That's about it, but there'll be plenty of fun stories to tell next week for sure. Until then, stay safe, brush your teeth, and love one another!

 Love, Elder Jensen

High Priest Party
From that one time we accidentally helped record a movie

Grants Pass Zone

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