Tuesday, February 16, 2016

That one time we decided to get a little FLDS or something....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

It's hard to believe that it's already been 5 weeks here in Grants Pass! It seriously feels like I just got here, and transfer calls are this weekend. It's crazy how fast time has been flying out here. This week has been good, not crazy number wise as last week was, but it was still pretty solid! This week had a nice highlight reel that we get to go through.

 On Thursday, we had meetings literally all day long. We went to the church at about 10 and didn't get home until about the same time that night. Usually, this is where I would decide to groan and gripe about such circumstances, but it was actually a great night! We had our quarterly Zone Conference with President Russell and his wife in attendance. The spirit they bring is always tremendous and I feel like we have a more personal relationship now that I've been a zone leader for a bit. We talked about faith and the atonement extensively with the spirit really confirming to me the importance and truth of the Savior's life and sacrifice for us. After a good 4 hours of that and a great chicken cordon blu dinner provided by the stake, we started the next section of the zone conference with the leadership of the wards in the stake. The meeting really focused on the relationship between missionaries and members and how we can foster that growth. It was good that some of the ward leadership was there because I don't know if they really get the whole "every member a missionary" thing.

Saturday was an awesome day mixed with your average bit of blasphemy. We had the wedding/baptism for Edward Grubb out in Cave Junction. Now, the spirit was there and the program was well received, but it was all a little strange. For starters, Ed got married to his fiancé Laura in about 10 minutes. No huge ceremony, short vows, no grandiose wedding shenanigans, just a quick in and out thing. This meant that we had a really awkward hour and forty five minute lunch until the baptism. The baptism started out well, everything going according to plan and Elder Murphy was able to perform the ordinance perfectly! After is when things started to get funky. Now, the Bishop in Cave Junction started to pull a fast one on everyone and TOTALLY switched up the program on us. We had Ed's now father-in-law give the talk on the Holy Ghost (which made absolutely no sense) and confirm Ed into the church. This is where I thought we were going to get struck down. He didn't get ANY of the wording right and had to say the prayer about three times, still not ever saying it correctly. We thought to ourselves, "Ok no damage done, we'll just fix it in the bishops office" but then NOPE. Right as the guy was about to end the blessing, he stops, starts over and GIVES ED THE PRIESTHOOD AND MAKES HIM A PRIEST. WHAT. THE. HECK. JUST. HAPPENED? All of our eyes popped open and we start looking at each other because none of us had ever had ANYTHING like this happen before in our lives. Poor Ed has no idea what's going on, so we swiftly took him back to the bishop's office and actually made him a member of the church and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost. All in all, weird baptism. But it was still another soul to come unto to Christ, so all is well!

Other than that, this week has been just the usual! We had an awesome lesson with Kat on Saturday, where we put her on date for baptism!! Mark your calendars for March 5th! She actually told US that she wanted to get baptized! How cool is that? On Friday, we'll be getting transfer calls and I'm pretty sure that Elder Black is going to be packing, but we'll see. We have a lot of good things lined up for this week and it'll be great to see where they go.

I love all of you so much and hope you have a safe and profitable month of February. Take care, don't be square.

Love, Elder Jensen

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Ed and Laura

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