Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy Busy Busy Busy

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It's been another crazy week here in Grants Pass. The Cave Junction/Beacon Hill elders have officially been living with us for a whole week now. It's been fun having 4 missionaries share one bathroom, one tiny kitchen and one tinier water heater. Not the most convenient of situations, but still fun nonetheless.

Our schedule the past few days has been absolutely nuts. Covering two very active wards and having to drive out to the far reaches of the mission has been a little crazy at times. There have been days where we don't get to sit down and eat lunch or can't go to bed until rather late. It's been really fun though. I love how close I get to work with everyone in the mission. It's made for a lot of great friendships and learning opportunities.

Some of the highlights from this week include us finding another YSA investigator named Dakota and putting him on date! He's a stud that really just wanted to know more about the Gospel and felt the Spirit impress upon him that the things we were telling him were true. He should be getting baptized on March 5, so stay tuned for more details.

Speaking of YSA investigators, we had a great spiritual lesson with Kat on Friday. I really wish that everyone we talked to was as in depth and committed as she is! She comes with a full sheet of questions from the things that we asked her to read and has really sought for an understanding of what we were teaching. The Spirit has told her that she needs to listen to what we have to say, but that's all. Hopefully as she continues to listen, she'll be abel to keep progressing. She says that she would love to be baptized if the Spirit tells her it's right.

One of the things that occupied a lot of our time this week was Joe. Gosh dangit Joe. By occupation Joe is an investigative reporter so he likes to have ALL the answers. It makes for really long lessons. So, what happened to Joe? He went and Anti-ed himself on the internet. No fun. At all. He ran across an argument about the Book of Mormon that Elder Black and I haven't even HEARD of before, let alone answer it. We had to really dig into him spiritually to testify that the only way for him to understand these things for himself is to read and pray. We as missionaries can't answer all the questions, and Anti material certainly can't either; only the Spirit can. We had a chance to meet with him again last night at a dinner with the second counselor in the Stake Presidency. We had a great round table discussion about the book of Enos and finding answers to questions. We really feel that he's about to make a breakthrough.

Some fun stories from this week include the time we played soccer with a bunch of investigators. The time I prepared an ENTIRE TALK and then didn't have to give it at all. And THE TIME WE HAD TO GO INTO CAVE JUNCTION, WHERE THE MISSIONARIES ALMOST DIED, TO GIVE A LESSON. Also we got stuck outside a gate for like 30 minutes trying to get to our dinner appointment. That was fun.

This week will be full of meetings. I'll be able to see a bunch of my friends from around the mission. I'll also be able to teach my first zone training meeting on Friday. Fun times to be had!

I love all of you so much! Thank you for the support. Shoot me an email, I'd love to hear from you.

Brush yo teeth kids,

Elder Jensen

address: 152 Southridge Way, Grants Pass OR 97527

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