Monday, June 5, 2017

Medford 15

Hey there everyone, it's your old pal Elder Jensen coming at you live from Phoenix!

Things have been going well the past few days. I've started to feel the effects of being in an area for a while, so we're shaking it up a bit and getting out into places we usually don't get to all too often. And as always, we've been walking a ton. It wouldn't be a week in Oregon without walking a few dozen miles every few days!

But first, let me take a second and give a shoutout to my Mom on this the day after Mother's Day. My mom is the best, plain and simple. I'm so grateful for her and all the selfless devoted service and sacrifices that she makes for me and for everyone around her. You rock Mom! Thank you, and I love you so much!

We also had the opportunity to give the lesson in Relief Society this week, which made me think of all the wonderful women in my life growing up. Thank you for all you do too!

Ok back in it. We started the week off with interviews with the mission President. He's getting to the end of his mission too, so it's been really evident of the love that he has for all his missionaries. We had a really good chat and the training beforehand was great too. It set the mood for the rest of the week.

We did a lot of work for the cemetery this week. The guy who runs the service, Stan, is the man. We were able to have ten Elders come and work on Friday morning and that graveyard is looking fresh. Just in time for Memorial Day!

We did a lot of finding and contacting this week, but everyone disappeared? Maybe it's just Phoenix, but NO ONE answers their doors. We hear people all the time behind doors say "Oh (darn it), it's those (lovely) Missionaries again." And then they won't open. Such is the life.

We ventured out in to the east side of Phoenix this week which was an adventure. Both of us really, really had to go to the bathroom, so we wandered for a while attempting to find the proper facilities to do so. After a miracle that is a random gas station, we knocked around and found a new investigator! Inspired bathroom search = Success in proselyting?

On Saturday, Phoenix did a city wide garage sale.  We spent a lot of the day walking around talking to people as they perused the neighborhoods. Note: people like you a lot more when they're selling you things and not when you're knocking on their doors. It was really fun though!

This pday, we finally did the hike I wanted to. It's a big old peak called Roxy Anne. You could see the whole valley from the top. It was marvelous!

That's about it for me. I hope all of you have a great week and remember just how much Heavenly Father loves you! Talk to you next week.

Look both ways when you cross the street,
Elder Jensen

Oregon is very adamant about dogs and their bathroom habits

Phoenix isn't all too bad ;)

In case we forgot which state we were in 

Golly I love this place 

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