Friday, October 14, 2016

Springfield Episode Two: Lambor-feet-i Mercy (because walking)

Hey there home!

It's Elder Jensen again. Good to hear from you! I hope that you're staying warm and not being attacked by clowns?? (Why is that even a thing?)

Things are moving up here in the Springfield 2nd Ward. I can tell you, not having a car is kinda kicking my butt a little bit. Now now, i know that there are going to be people who say "Well on MY mission we had to walk EVERYDAY AND EVERYWHERE for 2 years uphill both ways to each investigators house blah blah." Yes, I know. You're true warriors and God bless you for your service.

So yeah, lots and lots of walking around. We sometimes bike around too, but it can be a bit of a hassle biking through Oregonian rain all day. It's actually been really nice to walk around. You get the chance to see and talk to people that you otherwise would have missed. You also become the target of a lot of attention when you're on foot, both good and bad. LOTS of people waving or shouting. It's kinda fun.

We had the chance to meet with a few of our other investigators this week. Enter Crystal, Laura, and Xavier. Crystal is a mom who's always had some interest about the church, but also has her hang ups (which she will LET YOU KNOW ABOUT HOLY COW). We had an awesome lesson with her in her carport of all places. She wants to know what's true so she can give it to her kids. Awesome lady. Laura is interesting too, she's desperately looking for the truth, but doesn't really like to commit to one thing. We've been helping her through that. Xavier is a cool kid! He's 10 and his mom is a less active member. He really likes going to church and wants to get baptized, but we really need his mom to be willing to take him to church and not have to rely on members for help. There are a lot of great people here who are searching for something, and the chance that we have to help them with that is such a blessing in my life.

We had a Zone Training where we talked extensively about how we can better plan our time. In doing that, a system was developed where we put every single person in our area book into our schedule and basically go nuts. It's actually been super helpful to get everyone sectioned off, and makes planning a heck of a lot easier! It's been a great blessing.

Now for some funny stuff. We locked ourselves out of our apartment last night and had to call in reinforcements to cover our butts. Mind you, it was like 9:30 at night. Whoops.

We had a zone service activity at an adult activities center doing a bunch of yard work and stuff. The FIRST STROKE of the rake I uncovered a nice rusty old hypodermic needle. Ok, awesome. Stroke two? Barbed Wire. Gotta love Oregon!

Other than that, it's been a rather uneventful week. Lots of walking around, lots of people not being home. We're sticking to it though!

Thank you for all that you do for me; the prayers and love and thoughts and all.

This program was made possible by viewers like you. Thank you! Love you all! Have a great week! 

Don't do drugs.
Elder Jensen

(Elder Garrett Peterson from Kaysville is in the same zone! He's in front with the red tie)

Autumn in Springfield 

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