Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 3: Elder ...... Jenkins, right?

My week was ok. Again, it was really slow, so there was that. At least I'm not super hot and full of allergens.

We went up to Corvallis to contact a referral named Debbie. She lives in Philomath but had a stroke, so she's staying up at a rehabilitation center in Corvallis. We were able to teach her and her boyfriend about the restoration and she invited us back! We'll be swinging by tomorrow to follow up with her and hopefully keep teaching. We also taught this dude name Clifford who came to church last week. He's been in and out of jail for most of his life, so we're hoping to be able to help him come closer to Christ. That was about the extent of the missionary-ing we did this week.

So, I've been here for almost a month now, and no one here knows my name. In Ward Council, at dinners, in lessons, everywhere. We were at dinner with the bishop of all people and during the bishop's prayer he said "We're thankful to have Elder Spencer and Elder.....................*silence*................... *wife whispering* "Jensen" ........... AHH Elder Jensen! So, that's how well known I am here. But of course, missionary work isn't for recognition, but for saving them souls. So, hopefully people will start recognizing me soon. The ward is super awesome though. It's a lot like the wards back home. Everyone is really nice and seems to like us a lot. We've had people refer us to others or at lest support us in the shtuff we do.

Other fun things this week: We made pineapple A1 burgers for a less active family. We crashed a member in the ward's back to school party - there were inflatables and fun stuff that were pretty tempting, but we restrained ourselves and talked with the members about the temple. We gave a Book of Mormon to a lady straight chilling in the church parking lot - apparently the police weren't too happy with her. Good times!

That's about it. This next week should be super duper fun. We've got Zone Conference and exchanges. So, stay tuned.

Love you all so so much. Hope to here from you soon!

Elder Jensen

address: PO BOX 765 Philomath, OR 97370

Graffiti in the church parking lot 

no explanation given....use your imagination

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