Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 2: It's Hot Holy Crap

This week was hot. That's it. That's my email. Talk to you all later.

Just kidding, we actually did things. Well, sorta. You're right when you said that things are a lot less busy. It feels kinda weird not having as much responsibility, I feel a little lost for things to do. It will be good to just relax a bit more and not have such a load to carry.

On Wednesday we went to the Portland temple for the first time. It was SWEEEEEEET! We had our session combined with the Springfield and Northern Coos Bay zones, so there were a ton of missionaries that showed up. It was cool to see a lot of mission friends for a while, especially when we're out stuck in Philomath isolation. Plus, the temple there is GORGEOUS. Seeing it in person was something that was really nifty.

On Thursday, we were able to help out in the most traditional Oregonian thing that you could possibly imagine, sheep wrangling. We helped a member corral their sheep, take them to the fairgrounds, weigh them, attempt to get them to back to the trailer, and take them home. I swear, sheep are the most stubborn flippin things in the entire world. The one I was parading around was a little broken; he decided to casually forget how to use his legs, so I had to drag him around the fairgrounds. He looked like he didnt want to go to school. It required him to be carried by me. It was something else.

On Saturday, we had a service opportunity at the Scout-a-Rama. We made snow cones. It was fantastic.

With things being slower, it's been nice to get back to the basics. Studying the things that I feel that I need and have the Spirit work through me in its own due time. It's been really pleasant, even if sometimes it feels really slow. That's honestly been the better part of our week besides looking for people and the usual stuff.

Elder Chase

Portland Temple trip
Portland Temple

National Doughnut Day haul

Sister Gregory 4'1" vs Elder Jensen 6'2"

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