Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Months in Oregon

Hello Again!!!

This week was really great. We saw a lot of miracles and also had a lot of fun. (Which means a lot of pictures for you all wahoo!)

We started off the week by having our MLC on Tuesday. This was a really fun meeting because, unlike other MLCs, we got to do this one at a girls camp in NORMAL CLOTHES IT WAS A MIRACLE #BLESSED.  We did lots of your stereotypical camp leadership obstacle courses and stuff which was a great break from sitting behind a table all day.

A lot of what we learned at MLC was immediately put to use in our missionary efforts. We were lucky enough to commit 3 of our investigators to be baptized!! We were finally able to get in with a media referral nameD Marylynn. Her fiancé is an inactive member named Tim who helped her become interested in the church. When we went over there, we taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was super strong. They were crying during the first vision, they were willing to keep commitments, and most importantly, they were willing to change their lives. It was amazing!

And to add to the miracles, WE PUT FAWN AND HER OLDEST DAUGHTER JAIDON ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED TOO!! They went from a family that we found accidentally, to a family willing to come closer to Christ. It's experiences like this that make you really feel like you're making a difference and I love that.

Some other fun missionary things we did this week included teaching the ZTM on Friday, having a MAJOR bashing session with this one guy and his brother in law on their porch, and having a zone wide service project at a part member family's property. All in all, it was a great week capped off with the best thing ever; being able to talk to my amazing family on Mother's Day. Talking with them was a real treat and it reminded of the real reasons I'm out here; for my Savior, for my family, and myself, in that order. With that perspective in mind, nothing out here could be too bad right? :)  

All in all it was a great week to be a servant of the Lord and I'm excited to see where this next week will lead us.

Hope you all have a week that's even better than your last!


Elder Jensen

Oregon Eugene Mission leadership

Casual Oregonian log stepping

Grants Pass Zone

ZL Power activate (we have no power, just a truck)

Look at the tiny animals ooohhhoohohohoh my gosh

Oregon caves

Cheesy boy band pic

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