Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Week with the Zone Princess

Hey there family and home and friends and people and moms and all!

It's transfer week down here in good old Grants Pass! With transfer news upon us, Elder Cho and I aren't going to be splitting up for the time being. 6 more weeks. It should be a heck of a time and I'm really excited for what's to come.

This week was yet another out of the ordinary experience. So, last week, I told the story of how we had to take Elder Zilles's companion to the airport. Definitely good times looking back on it, but still a bummer to see a good guy go. Anywhooises, Elder Zilles, being without a companion, needed somewhere to go. So who got to hangout in a tri-panionship for the week? WE DID WAHOOOOOOO!!! Elder Zilles was then dubbed the zone princess due to his accompanying us. 

Tuesday we went up to Eugene for MLC. It wasn't my favorite meeting in the world, but there was still some good stuff that was taught that we were able to pass on to our zones during ZTM on Friday. This zone meeting actually went really well and was relatively fun to teach. We were able to talk extensively about planning. And not just any planning, hardcore nose to the grindstone extreme planning. We were also able to focus our missionaries attentions on the Why's of missionary work. Everything we do as missionaries is to help others receive eternal life. We know that God is more than capable of doing this without our help, so I find it an amazing blessing that we're able to be here and be part of the production of such a great work. It's honestly such a blessing, and should be treated as such, not an obligation or a burden or something to endure, but rather a way for both bettering ourselves and those around us more fully.

Amongst other things, we also toured a hotel, sorted some clothes, taught some crazy kids, played intense capture the flag, and bought British treats. All in a day's work for we missionaries. :)

That's about it for this week. Stay tuned for some fun stuff regarding the first week of the transfer. 

Love you all lots!

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