Monday, April 18, 2016

Rebels With a Cause

Hello from Grants Pass!

My week has been a pretty good one to start the transfer off. We've taught well and had a lot of success in the zone. I'll get to some of the highlights of the week.

So one day we were just straight chilling on this street corner waiting for a member to pick us up for a lesson, when all of a sudden this lady drives up and starts talking to us. Turns out she has had missionaries over helping her in the past and was actually praying for someone to come and help her. Well look who just happened to be standing on the street! We went over a few days later to help her in her yard, or should I say, small forest. There was grass up to about my thighs in places. We still haven't gotten it all the way finished, but the woman invited us back to help and teach her, which is awesome! It's also been pretty enjoyable. I never thought I would actually enjoy mowing a lawn, but there ya go! (We also may or may not have broken the bishop's lawn mower...whoops)

Elder Cho was out for the count for a day or too, so I was taking over in teaching people while he was resting up. I had 4 different companions in the space of about 4 hours one day. It was a pretty swell day and we were able to teach a lot of people over that time.

We also had an instance where some of the sisters wouldn't answer their phone so we had to go and investigate to make sure they weren't dead. Long story short, they just went to bed early and were dead to the world so they didn't hear their phone blowing up. We were driving around the city at 11 at night! Rebellious.

On a less than happy note, the Jaramillos (have I mentioned them before?) kinda dropped us this week. If I haven't, here's an up-to-speed analysis. So Lilly, Delilah, and Luke are all Mystique's kids. Mystique has a sister who is a recent convert and we've been teaching them with her help. Mystique also has a boyfriend who's a bit of a...not nice guy, and he eventually put his foot down and said we couldn't come over anymore. I told the kids that if I have to come back in 8-12 years to see them get baptized, I will! Everyone has their own timetable for their salvation, so we can only be patient and trust in the Lord. Hopefully we can still get in and see them every so often.

That's about it for this week, I'm grateful for all of the love, prayers, and support from everyone. It makes this big ol adventure a heck of a lot easier! I hope to hear from you all soon. Make sure to properly defrost the windshield BEFORE you start driving as to avoid accidents.

Love you all!

Elder Jensen

address: 152 Southridge Way, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

Hungry Hungry Elder

So. Many. Ribs.

View from the top of Grants Pass

Hanging in our apartment. 

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