Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pants Grass

Friends, Mormons, Countrymen, lend me your ears.

Howdy! It's been a full week over here in Grants Pass and things have been great. This has been the first time on my mission where I've felt like I'm actually serving in Oregon. It's super duper rainy and there are trees EVERYWHERE! It's pretty fantastic.

My companion this time around is Elder Black from Clearfield. He's a stud missionary and we get along really well, which is always a plus. He's been training me to be a Zone Leader which is an adventure in and of itself. We are responsible for our own area plus six others. We're also accountable to the Assistants and President Russell for what goes on in the zone, and have to train and teach at the Zone Training Meetings every month. There have already been a few long nights trying to help everyone out, but it's so much fun.

One of the best things that comes with being up here in GP is that we cover two wards, Murphy Creek and Three Rivers YSA branch. Holy cow, the YSA is SO much fun! And that's where this week will begin. The very fist thing that I did after getting here (after shopping and all that) was to go to the YSA family home evening. It kinda felt like being around a big group of friends while simultaneously doing missionary work. We do a lot of fun stuff like volunteering at the local food bank and soup kitchen, but the majority of our week was spent visiting and having lessons with our investigators.

The teaching pool here is awesome. There are so many solid people to teach and lots and lots of potential investigators. It's nice to have a full schedule all the time for once. Some of the coolest people that I was able to meet included Joe Snook (and investigative reporter who wants as much information as possible before he makes a commitment on the church), the Jaramillo family (the cutest and most spunky little kids ever) and Emma Ice (a fairly recent covert who walks with a backward walker thing and just loves the heck out of the gospel). I'm still trying to get a hang of everyone and everything out here but it's been great teaching everyone and going to two different sacrament meetings.

I hit my six month mark last week. It's been such a great experience serving the people of Oregon. I've grown and learned so much over these last six months. I can't wait for the next 18!

Elder Jensen
Happy 6 months ceremonial tie burning

iPads are fun

I replaced the guy in the blue sweatshirt

Tracting in the forest 

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