Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in Klamath

Dear Familia,

Feliz Navidad! (I was feeling especially Spanish today). How's everything going back home? It sounds like you've all had quite the week, that's for sure. Holy cow, that's a TON of snow you've gotten recently. We've been getting a bunch as well, but I'll explain more about that later. Tell Nash that I would like to be able to see him in one piece when I get home! Hopefully everything heals up nice and neatly.

Klamath Falls hasn't been all THAT sketchy, just a little bit. I've only heard 3 gun shots so far during my time here. Just kidding . . . or am I?  I've never once felt scared or threatened on my mission so I'm not too worried.  The city has actually been really good. A common theme in Oregon is that people tend to stay in their hometowns for life, so we've come across a lot of people with deep roots in the city. Klamath Falls also has a very distinct smell, but I'm getting used to it.

Our bikes have been put away for the winter because we have a car! (that I get to drive, word up!) We don't have al the miles in the world though so we walk around sometimes. Our apartment is actually out of our area, so our new central hub is the church building. The church is unique because it is one of only a few buildings that has the Articles of Faith engraved on the side.

My week has been really, really good. We've been teaching a ton of people and getting a lot of good work done. There have been days where we are going straight from one appointment to the next with barely enough time to eat dinner.  There was a day that we taught 5 lessons back to back! It was awesome!!

I've really started to connect with the ward and with our investigators. I'm pretty sure that I've met everyone that we're teaching and oh boy, there are some real characters. We've had a few 2-hour lessons with Lesley, the self proclaimed Brotha, a few lessons with some hyperactive grade schoolers, and then there was the time a guy told us being a stoner was the best thing ever.

Among all the crazy, we've also had a lot of really spiritual uplifting events happen. The most noteworthy one happened yesterday, so I guess it's good that P-Day was switched to today.  We had a specialized training and interviews with President Russell. I alway love hearing from him. He brings such a special spirit when he addresses us, and I love it. He talked extensively about how the mission isn't our mission, but The Lord's. We also talked about Christmas and specifically what gift we would give to the Savior to celebrate His birth. That's something we could all take to heart as we get closer to Christmas.

After the interviews we had a lesson with a less-active member named Carl, that one of the ward members referred to us. He told us that we would be lucky to even get the time of day from him, let alone get in the door. But, for some reason he let us come in and hear about his situation. We felt the Spirit very strongly as we shared ways to grow our faith. We tried to help him understand why God gives us trials. He seemed to take the lesson very well and invited us back! It was definitely one of the greatest lessons on my mission thus far.

This wouldn't be an Elder Chase Jensen email without some fun shenanigans. Like the fact that we've totally decked the heck out of our apartment. A member gave us a Christmas tree, like a full sized 7-foot tree that's now comfortably sitting in the corner. Also, it snowed a TON down here, and really quickly at that. It made for some precarious driving situations on the hilly side of the neighborhood. One day during lunch we made a very sad looking snowman, so that was an adventure. Also, when you're out walking in the middle of a blizzard, watch out for ice. That's all I've got to say on that one.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay classy, stay away from drugs, and most importantly, stay strong!

Merry Christmas to all!!

Elder Jensen

He was destroyed by enemies shortly thereafter

Fa la la la la la la la la


Elder Way - we got excited!

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