Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let the Adventure Begin!

The looooooong anticipated MTC day finally arrived after weeks of shopping, planning, preparing, packing and waiting. After Chase was set apart on Tuesday night he said he felt different. We think he looked different too. He was a missionary and he was ready to start the next chapter. 

Wednesday morning we got up early to have Grandma Julaine fix a rip in his suit and pick up one forgotten prescription (procrastination is the name of the game around here). Once those little details were taken care of we checked the packing list one last time, zipped up the bags, had a family prayer and headed to Provo. 

One last pic in front of the house

Jensen party of 7

Wednesdays in Provo are awesome. It was fun spotting missionary families in the parking lots of nearly every restaurant. As far as we know there are no ChickFilA restaurants in Oregon so Chase's last meal had to be a #1 with no pickle and a Dr. Pepper.

ChickFilA rocks

We pulled up to the Provo Temple and there were missionaries everywhere! So many young men and women and their families saying goodbyes, taking pictures and waiting for their turn to head down to the MTC. It really was an awesome sight.  We took our turn for goodbyes and loves and hugs and tears and pictures.

Unbeknownst to me, Chase had set an alarm on my phone so we wouldn't be late for our MTC time. ;)  So thoughtful.

When we pulled into the MTC we were met by the very friendly and helpful Elder Howard, who is called to serve in the Philippines. He helped get Chase's luggage out of the car and made sure we took some fun pics for mom's social media (his words - he was a funny Elder). One last quick hug and kiss and wave and Elder Jensen was off to experience the best two years.

As we left the MTC there was some serious weeping and wailing going on in the back seat. It felt a little like a Southern funeral there for a few minutes. It showed me how much our kids really love each other and how much Chase's presence will be missed.

When the going gets tough, the tough get ice cream


  1. What a great, bittersweet day! Love the post! I agree, he does look different.

  2. Love the blog, I need to get Zach's up and running! Thanks for texting me last night. It's very reassuring to know that things will get better for everyone...eventually! Your drop off day sounded exactly like ours, so many emotions! Good luck Elder Jensen!