Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Email from the Empty Sea

Hurray for P-day!

It was a super morning at the Jensen's. We finally heard from Elder Jensen at the MTC and he sounds happy and excited to get in the field next week. Chase says, "I can't wait to get out to Oregon! I have a strong desire to go and teach the people there."

Chase's companion is Elder Zilles from Logan. He says he is a cool guy, very nice, friendly and kind of quiet.  Apparently there are a lot of missionaries called to the Oregon Eugene Mission at the MTC right now. Chase is part of a group of 26 leaving for Eugene on July 29. All those missionaries on the same flight will be quite a sight!

Elder Zilles

The District

Chase said he has been able to teach investigators during training, and has participated in some great workshops where he says he is learning even more about his purpose as a missionary. He expressed several times how anxious he is to get to Oregon and get started. So much excitement and enthusiasm.

Some of the best information from Chase today was that the MTC food was over hyped. He said there is certainly A LOT of food and he can have as much as he wants (which is nice) but in his opinion it's just not that great. Funny.

It was fun to see a few familiar faces in Chase's pictures today.  I'm sure it was great for these awesome Elders to see each other and feel a little love from home. Elder Jake Hawkins is from our Ward, and Elders Adam Taylor and Conner Simonsen were in Student Government with Chase at Davis High. So proud of these awesome young men (and the many others getting ready to leave). They will all be fantastic missionaries.

Elder Hawkins, going to Georgia

Elder Taylor, going to Toronto

Elder Simonsen, going to Rome

Chase said he would love to hear from you. For those that don't know, there is an online service, DearElder.com, that sends same day, hand delivered letters to the missionaries. Letters to the MTC are FREE. So easy to use. FYI, Chase is only able to check and respond to emails on P-day (which will now be next Tuesday) but he is able to receive and read the DearElder.com letters and regular old-fashioned letters through the post office, every day.  Chase's MTC mailbox is 166.

Thanks again for your love, support and prayers.

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