Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Medford Something or Other...


Hey everyone. It's Elder Jensen here in Phoenix.

Things have been going really well. This week was a lot slower than the last, but it's still been great.

A ton of people canceled on us this week, so there was a lot of walking and knocking with not a lot of people behind the doors. It was kind of disappointing, but we're working on keeping things going. We were still able to find a few people to teach. It was awesome.

The best part about this week definitely had to be general conference. Holy cow, this one was just PHENOMENAL. I swear that they get better and better as time goes on. This one was also super special because it's the last time I'll listen to conference before I go home.

We watched all the sessions at the church because all of our investigators flaked out. But it was such a spiritual experience nonetheless. Some personal favorites included her addresses given by Elder Renlund, President Uchtdorf, and our dear prophet President Monson. I took a whole slew of notes and was on a spiritual high for the next few hours.

That's honestly been the extent of the week. Hopefully this next one is better!

Love you all! Take care and don't be a square,

Elder Jensen

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