Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Springfield Episode 14: 2017

Hey howdy everyone. Happy new year! Elder Gneiting and I had a pretty solid week in the Second Ward last year. (Get it? Funny jokes)

Anyway, it was really nice. Every Tuesday we help out with Meals on Wheels at the Willamalane facility. It's one of my favorite activities to be around the older generation and serve them. They're always so nice and appreciative of everything and that makes my little heart so happy.

We've been all around the area talking to as many people as we can. While we weren't able to have a lot of solid lessons, we set up a ton for next week. As I type this out, we've already got 12 appointments for next week. I'm so excited and so grateful for the Lord being able to work through us and our efforts. It's been such a testimony builder to me to see these people here be receptive to our message.

We go through a lot of contacting our former investigators. This week, three doors in a row we knocked on asking for people who didn't live there anymore, and we got return appointments for every one of those people. It's been great!

It wouldn't be a mission if there wasn't something out of the ordinary happening. Sunday night, we were walking around doing our thing when a car pulls up besides us. A woman leans over and says "Are you the Elders from Third Ward?" We say no, but ask what we can do. She goes on to tell us that she's been looking and calling for someone to give her father a blessing in the hospital with no luck. We followed her to the hospital and gave her father a blessing, to which she said "God really does answer prayers." It was a super cool moment that made me so grateful for the spirit and the priesthood in my life.

As the year has drawn to a close, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I can do to improve myself as a missionary and a person. I'm very grateful for the gospel in my life and a loving Heavenly Father that humbles me so I can become the best person that I can be. I'm excited for the next year and the last quarter of my mission. I know that it's going to be the best of it yet!

Among other things that happened: This guy we met named Santos said that his brother Elvis got deported in the most nonchalant way ever. We deep friend Oreos! Not too bad. We also had the most ridiculous dinner at Shari's with a bunch of members and non members. There were discussions about the historicity of the book of Omni, shooting video games, really bad jokes, and way too much food. It was awesome.

The crazy Oregon Spotlight of the week goes to Brother Luke, our ward mission leader. I don't think I've ever met someone who could talk without taking a breath. Missionary Correlation becomes missionary speculation about super deep doctrine. It's slightly frustrating and also pretty hilarious.

Coming up this week, we've got MLC, Interviews, ZTM and a TOOOOOON OF LESSONS. It should be a great week we're excited!

Here's to 2017 everyone! Love you all so much!

Don't be dumb.

Elder Jensen

Welcome to 2017!

Average Oregonian house 

Average PT Cruiser in Eugene (with censored bumper sticker)

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