Monday, September 19, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 15: "Sorry, I'm a Godless Heathen!"

August is finally over, and September is here *insert Green Day lyrics here*

Things are going pretty well over here in the strange and foreign land of Philomath Oregon. Elder Searcy and I are still working hard to keep things going out here. It's difficult a lot of the time to find people over here who are interested in religion or looking for something more than what they have right now, but we press forward.

Elder Searcy has a real knack for getting us lost out in the middle of freaking nowhere. We went down this week to a little town called Alsea to try and find some people to teach. Alsea isn't right down the street from Philomath, it's like 30 minutes away. So were down there, knocking on all the doors and not finding much in the ways of people. We talked to this goat farmer lady, which is where we get this week's title from, and who also said that her dog would probably eat us, so that was wonderful. We also found an inactive member who we invited to church. We'll see if she ever shows up.

Now, about that whole getting lost bit. Elder Searcy, instead of just turning around and going back the way we came, decided that if we loop around in a particular way, we could find more houses and get back quicker. Whelp, long story short, we ended up in a national forest. It wasn't all too bad, because the forests out there were GORGEOUS! All in all, we had no idea where we were and used a lot of miles that day.

Not too much else exciting has been happening. Lots of cancelations, lots of houses with nobody home. The ward is noticing that the work has been in a bit of a lull as of late and is trying to help us out. We're revising the ward mission plan and working on how to help in the reactivation of ward members over here. Hopefully things should start to get back on an upswing. Press forward saints as they say.

That's about it for this week. Tune in next week to see if our adventurers get us lost again!

Thank you all so much for the love and support. It means the world. Tell your mom you love her today.


Elder Jensen

P.S. I've been doing a study in general conference talks lately, so if you'd want to send me your favorite talk, that'd be awesome!

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