Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Adventures in FLMTH Week 6: Death by Mexican Food

Good afternoon passengers, this is your captain speaking. We're all set for a wonderful flight through the blog today. Please keep your seat belts fastened until we've reached a cruising altitude. Have a great flight, and thank you for flying on our airliner today.

Another week has come and gone here in Philomath. Even during his last week on the mission, Elder Spencer still wanted to get stuff done. We were able to have a lot of success here over the last few days. We met with a lot of people that had previously been taught by the missionaries; some of them were willing to have us come back, others weren't. There have been times where I've felt like there isn't a whole lot of good to be done out here, but I've learned that just by doing the simple things like walking around or talking to everyone, the Lord can magnify our influence more than we know. We had a few people this week want to learn more about what we teach simply because they see us out and about all the time. It's definitely been the small and simple things that help great things come to pass.

In other news, we ate a TON of Mexican food this week. Like, a whole lot of it. Almost every dinner we had was inspired by the country of Mexico in someway. Some members took us to a Mexican restaurant one night for dinner. Later that same night, we called our dinner for the following day, and they asked how we felt about going to the SAME restaurant for dinner. We obviously couldn't say no to the almost 90 year old woman on the other side of the phone, so the cultural immersion continued. Viva la revoluciĆ³n!

Other Shenanigans include us duct taping a member's legs together (upon their request), exchanges with Elder Thurgood, and investigating the remains of house that just straight up EXPLODED THE OTHER DAY. This next week should have a lot of fun things planned out with my new companion, Elder Johnson. We've got rodeo service and some good lessons planned, so it should be a good time. 

Until next week friends. I love you all so so much. Look into the sunshine and the shadows fall behind you. Firework responsibly.

Heart Emoji,
Elder Jensen

God Bless America

Another one bites the dust

Fishers of Men 

Group photo with the family that feeds the missionaries often 

Happy 4th of July 

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