Monday, March 7, 2016

The KatTism

Dear outside world,

It finally happened. Kat got dunked, hard-core. But, we'll get to that later.

Hey howdy hey everybody. It's been a good week here in Grants Pass. And by good week, I mean another kind of slow one that's still good nonetheless.

We'll get right on in to the center of the action for you. This week started out with us going up to Eugene for MLC to prepare for ZTM the following Friday. We were instructed by the mission presidency, Sister Russell, and the Assistants. It was a good meeting in all, but at the same time very VERY long. We actually didn't even get back to Grants Pass until like 8:30 that night. But I did have the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview all by my grown up self which was just swell as heck! Her name was Natasha and she was very excited to join the church.

Again, not the most exciting of my weeks here, but still a very good one. We taught some great lessons, especially to Joe Snook and Ray. We introduced Elder Cho to Joe (that rhymed) ((unintentional)) and I had the great privilege to hear Elder Cho's conversion story. It was wild and very spiritually uplifting. We think that Joe's going to finally accept an invitation hear in a little while, so keep your fingers crossed. Ray is also super excited to ditch his old life behind and keep moving forward to the gospel. He's locked in for the 2nd of April to make that commitment so mark your calendars.

I was able to teach my second ZTM on Friday which was great. We talked at length about working with members, the Book of Mormon, and invitations to be baptized. Everyone received it very well and enjoyed what we had to say.

Saturday was by far the best day of the whole week. We had an action packed sushi filled day that culminated with the best of the best being 'tized. The KatTism! It was such a spiritual experience all in true, off the wall, Kat fashion. We actually almost didn't have the baptism because we thought the font wasn't filled, but crisis averted. Kat was complaining how the jumpsuit made her look fat and was worried that the font was going to change colors after she got dunked (which we had to do three times, in true Kat fashion - it was marvelous!). She's awesome. All the silliness aside, she's really spiritual and very solid. She bore her testimony on Sunday and said "I really do know this church is true. If I didn't, I wouldn't have joined it." Such a sweet testimony immediately followed by her softly saying the words "crushed it" to herself as she sat down. It was the bomb diggidy! We finished off the night with an amazing sushi dinner. What else could a guy ask for?

That's about it for this week. Stay tuned for more crazy shenanigans and other stuff. This is Elder Jensen signing off.

Love you all!
Elder Jensen

The KatTism

Sushi Night

Live from Pday

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